Change your vision of asset management with revolutionary technologies that improve effectiveness and reduce costs

Hundreds of failures have already been prevented by Prysmian PD experts by means of on-line condition-assessment and defect localization.

A successful mix of PRY-CAM innovative technologies and long Prysmian’s experience and know-how on insulating materials.

For on-line spot PD measurements

PRY-CAM Portable

PRY-CAM Portable is a portable device for wireless and real-time measurement, analysis and classification of partial discharges (PD) on transformers, terminations, switchgear, generators, etc.

It makes it possible to reduce the required time (up to 70%) and at the same time measure the highest sensitivity for a small PD (down to 0.5pC), the highest accuracy (100MHz bandwidth) and the strongest noise rejection. PRY-CAM Portable is offered as a service for single measurements on components or as a separate unit .


For continuous monitoring of PD and temperature


PRY-CAM Grids is an integrated and autonomous PD monitoring equipment for HV and MV components such as transformers, terminations, switchgear, generators, etc.

It can be used either periodically or for permanent and long-term real-time remote monitoring of 3-phase strategic assets, and can be installed in existing systems and adapted to customers' SCADA protocol or other specific parameters and graphical interface. 

The solution is wireless and communicates via the Internet (normal + 3G modem). It can be integrated with all existing PD sensors and can further integrate analog sensors. It uses active differential sensors, which better measure heart rate and enable more advanced data analysis, compared to the conventional technology with passive sensors.


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René Nijland