What is it?

The first environmental label dedicated to cables

ECO CABLE is the latest environmental initiative by Prysmian Group, which provides transparent assessment and documentation for a number of our most environmentally friendly cables

Sustainable business practices are becoming increasingly important and there are many different ways to achieve a significant environmental impact. That is why we are introducing ECO CABLE to support our customers in their environmental journey. 



How does it work?

Transparent environmental documentation

ECO CABLE is Prysmian Group's global concept for cables with a lower environmental impact. We strive to create added value for our customers. 

The purpose of the ECO CABLE concept is to make it easier for our customers to choose cables to build homes, offices, factories and infrastructure of the future. Only our cables with a low environmental impact are included in the ECO CABLE concept.

ECO CABLE documentation is freely available, so you always have access to it and can easily use it when necessary. This makes ECO CABLE a useful and flexible tool in situations where transparency and documentation are important.


In North Europe


The Eco Cable concept was introduced in North Europe in 2022 - with an implementation at different stages per country depending on market needs and prepared documentation.

Currently below countries have introduced a number of Eco Cable labeled products - with future plans to expand the range. The concept is a supplement to our other types of environmental documentation such as EPDs which Prysmian Scandinavia use widely or E-Line which Prysmian Netherland use exclusively.

  • Finland             22 cable families
  • Baltics                2 cable families
  • Denmark            7 cable families
  • Sweden              3 cable families
  • Netherlands        1 cable family

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Frank Middel

Frank Middel

North Europe Sustainability Officer